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Los Charly’s Orchestra Live in Shanghai / Sat 15th  Sept / DJ Support by Jorge Montiel

Los Charly’s Orchestra Live in Shanghai / Sat 15th  Sept / DJ Support by Jorge Montiel / The Latin Funk fever is spreading across the UK network and other parts of the world!!!

Los Charly’s LIVE at Floripa Thurs 9th Aug

Latin Soul / Afro Funk & Boogaloo special at Floripa (Shoreditch). Legendary London based record label Strut is organizing a night with some of its best DJ’s such as: Dunkan Brooker (Strut) & Frankie Francis (Sofrito)…Read more

Los Charly’s LIVE @ Bedroom Bar – Shoreditch – Frid 29th June

Los Charly’s are back to Bedroom Bar for another bash of Latin Funk – Soul & Disco for the groove aficionado.

Los Charly’s Orchestra – Disco Gamma  remixed by Pete Herbert (Cat Nr IMAGDIG018)

London’s premier Latin/Funk band Los Charly’s Orchestra meets once again the wizard of Balearic/NEO 80’s sound “Pete Herbert” for another finger licking edition of Balearic Nuggets. Following the success of their previous collaboration “Rio Chico’s Sunset-remixed”,…Read more

Los Charly’s Orchestra – Rio Chico’s Sunset remixed by Pete Herbert (Cat Nr IMAGDIG0012)

Pioneer of the NEO 80’s sound of today Pete Herbert, meets Los Charly’s Orchestra (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) with this upfront Balearic house remix aimed straight at the dancefloor!!! A top notch quality house tune…Read more

Los Charly’s Orchestra – Chicano Disco Funk Album (Cat Nr Imagenes007)

The long awaited album of Los Charly’s Orchestra is out now! This CD is cross-generational piece of music which skilfully encapsulates in 60 mins the liveliest picture of the 70’s NY culture clash from a contemporary…Read more

Funkanova Remixed by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel (Cat Nr Imagenes006)

FUNKANOVA REMIXES – Producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel has come out with this new edition of REMIXES bringing together a NU series of 80’s ELECTRO BOOGIE stuff. This very first edition will be out on…Read more

Los Charly’s Orchestra EP Nr 2 (CAT Nr IMAGENES002)

The new single of Los Charly’s Orchestra is on the shops now. In a flashback, following the 70s retro vibe of their initial release (Jazz-Funk & Broken Beats), the talented band has put together this experimental…Read more