Funkanova Remixed by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel (Cat Nr Imagenes006)


Producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel has come out with this new edition of REMIXES bringing together a NU series of 80’s ELECTRO BOOGIE stuff.

This very first edition will be out on the shops on Frid 16th of October, blending a carefully crafted combination of what they had called “80’S COSMIC ELECTRO” on one side and some kind of HI NRG up tempo Disco for the flip – both of them remixes of “FUNKANOVA” (taken from Los Charly’s Orchestra previous release “NUEVO DISCO EP”)

Think on REVERSO 68 two step 80’s tropical electro with a pinch of Cosmic Italo Disco vibe…

“The 80’s Cosmic Electro version is great!”

Damon Martin (Discobloodbath)


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