Los Charly’s Orchestra EP Nr 2 (CAT Nr IMAGENES002)

The new single of Los Charly’s Orchestra is on the shops now.

In a flashback, following the 70s retro vibe of their initial release (Jazz-Funk & Broken Beats), the talented band has put together this experimental but still commercial blend define as: Motown-Chicano-Salsoul.

Soul Foundation is n authentic mix of Latin-Disco, which transport us directly to the NY times of Latin fusion… time when some of the strongest grooves were laying down the foundation for most of the contemporary genres of dance music…

West London Singers Noel Mckoy and Timy Urungo have carefully crafted an introductory chorus and vocal line which builds up to the main verse of the song ‘ Soul Foundation ‘.The rest is just a groove; the horn section reminds us some the timeless phrases written by the maestro Willy Colon while the vocal groove follows the line of the Disco legend, Lenny Williams.


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