Vibration – Los Charly’s Orchestra (Aka Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel)

The starship of LCO takes an intergalactic trip into the deeper spectrums of Jazz/Funk/Disco/Latin fusion, crossing into a new sonic dimension, a new portal of sounds & frequencies tuned in perfect harmony for the development of what is probably the most advance production ever executed by the “LCO intersonic research project” better known as Los Charly’s Orchestra (lead by producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel since 2007).

The sonic excursion goes into the most distant spaces of the galaxy, bringing back into the earth the most tangible proof of human dedication and persistence translated into sound efficiency and optimisation.


Xantone Blacq: Keys
Juan Laya: Drums & Percussion
Matheus Nova: Bass & Vocals
Raphael Delfino: Guitar and Vocals

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel


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