Soul Unity – Los Charly’s Orchestra Feat. Andre Espeut

With all due respect LCO evoke the spirit of Northern Soul, Blackpool’s Mecca and The Ritz in Manchester and filter it through to 2020 with this uptempo, uplifting Soulful / Disco conveyor, featuring vocals of the ever versatile UK singer Andre Espeut, channeling the energy of the Soul ballroom for this amazing vocal performance.

Recalling the serious dance floor fun of progressive 1970’s Northern Soul, producers Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel and the LCO gang set on a perspective that meets a crossroad between NYC pre Disco era and the UK’s Northern Soul movement, bringing on a harmonious mixture and the perfect dance floor conditions.


Vocals: Andre Espeut
Keys: Milt Mavrakakis
Guitar: Raphael Delphino
Bass: Matheus Nova
Bv’s: Xantone Blacq
Trumpet: Eikel Venegas
Percussion: Alejandro Martinez
Drums: Raphael Delphino

Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel.


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