Los Charly’s Orchestra Live every Saturday @ Floridita Soho

Nuyorican Disco Band, Los Charly’s Orchestra comes to Floridita for a very especial edition of Boogaloo, 70’s Salsa & Latin Funk. Stirring the melting pot, the multicultural congregation of Los Charly’s Orchestra (lead by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) takes it on a brand new venture, searching back into the spectrum of Afro Latin fusion, Boogaloo, Latin Jazz & Heavy 70’s Salsa, this project marks the beginning of a new period in the production career of the London based production duo & Los Charly’s Orchestra.

The line up of this band includes some of the usual characters behind Los Charly’s activities. They will be on rotation, bringing special guests and many surprises to Floridita every Saturday.


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