FREE [The Reflex Revision] – Los Charly’s Orchestra Feat. Heidi Vogel – Release: Dec 11th
And here it comes The Reflex re-visioning Los Charly’s Orchestra & Heidi Vogel’s Soul / Jazz gem: FREE. Evoking memories of 4Hero’s / Nuyorican Soul period, the LCO’s track with it’s original moody Motown vibes is...Read more
Fly Away Remixed by Seamus Haji – Los Charly’s Orchestra Feat. Xantone Blacq – Release Nov 27th
And here it comes Mr Seamus Haji taking the Jazz-Funk-Disco thing to a whole NU level, with an epic remix of LCO’s Fly Away, featuring Jazz Funkster: Xantone Blacq. Some serious talk on the matter… “Music...Read more
FREE – Los Charly’s Orchestra (Aka Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) Feat. Heidi Vogel (Official Video)
LCO (Aka Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) in collaboration with singer: Heidi Vogel come up with a message of hope, respect, soul togetherness, peace and love for all humanity as one. As Marvin Gaye did Inner...Read more
Living The Brooklyn Nights – Los Charly’s Orchestra Feat. Andre Espeut
Imagenes Recordings Β· Living The Brooklyn Nights – Los Charly's Orchestra Feat. Andre Espeut TOTO meets Roy Ayers and the Bee Gees for a studio collaboration, imagine…Well that’s the approach that Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel...Read more
Fly Away – Los Charly’s Orchestra Feat. Xantone Blacq
Imagenes Recordings Β· Fly Away – Los Charly's Orchestra Feat. Xantone Blacq Textures, dynamics, an immaculate definition of a 70’s freq spectrum & the most outstanding musicianship, all blended in such a precise detail for the...Read more